Chopped GTO ‘Shortie’ Is The Perfect Custom Poncho

As the muscle car era began to take off, it seemed like the big three were not only in a completion for horsepower but also a race to see who could make the biggest car. At least that is what it may seem like looking back, but in reality the Chargers, Torinos, and GTOs were moving in the opposite direction and were actually losing weight compared to the full sized cars of the time. Which may makes this GTO restomod somewhat less sacrilegious to the purists out there.

Pro Comp Customs started out with fairly solid looking 1969 GTO and chopped three inches off the top and at least another three inches off the length. Making room for the deep dish wheels, the shop flared the fenders and quarter panels. The car was then lowered to a height that seems like it would make it un-drivable on any street with any amount of contour. The body work was nicely finished up with an aggressive molded splitter style air dam, fender and quarter panel vents, and a two-tone paint job that could be compared to some of Foose’s work.

While, aesthetically the car was finished up earlier this year and made an appearance at the World Of Wheels Pittsburgh, the mods are far from over. The Old Goat is set to receive an Art Morrison GT-Sport chassis and an engine from Sonny’s Racing Engines. Knowing the geniuses at Sonny’s, it will more than likely be pushing over 1,000 horsepower. A fitting number for such an extreme build.

While scrolling through the pictures of this icon being chopped is not for the faint of heart, this restomod was finished well. It is set to make an appearance at the 2020 SEMA show in Las Vegas — if the show actually happens this year.

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