Dream Giveaway Announces the 1969 GTO Judge

Over the last four yers, we’ve been working diligently to help the average enthusiast to land their dream car, through Dream Giveaway! We’ve seen winners accept the keys to Bandit Trans Ams, various Corvettes, Camaros and Chevelles, plenty of Mopars and several Mustangs! Last year, they gave away a ’65 GTO and now they’re following up that Goat with a ’69 GTO Judge!

It’s a Dream Giveaway Timeless Muscle is happy to be apart of, so much so that we’re offering our readers a special code to allow them to earn additional FREE tickets, upon purchase of an entry. If you click HERE, and enter code: TQ1218E2, you’ll earn more tickets, the more tickets that you buy!

Official Release:

Here Comes The Judge

Bring home the most iconic GTO ever in the GTO Dream Giveaway. The grand-prize is a fully restored 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge with all the best goodies from the muscle-car era, including DrwCarousel Red paint, a rockin’ and rollin’ Ram Air III engine, fast-shifting four-speed Muncie gear box and a factory Hurst shifter.

When you enter and win, you’ll bring home one of the first 50 GTO Judges ever produced, as verified by Pontiac Historic Services. This legendary Pontiac muscle car defined late ’60s performance and is now one of the most desirable classics in the collector-car hobby.

So c’mon and turn it on, wind it up, blow it out, GTO and get ready to score the most sensational example from the GTO’s amazing history — a 1969 GTO Judge.

Plus if you’re the winner, we’ll pay $20,000 for taxes and fly you to Clearwater, Florida, to be awarded this grand prize.

All Rise for the Judge

This 1969 Judge is the ultimate GTO with its signature Carousel Red paint, standard 366hp Ram Air III 400ci engine, Muncie four-speed transmission, Parchment interior, legendary hood tachometer and 60-inch-wide super spoiler.

In cooperation with Ames Performance Engineering, the nation’s leading supplier of GTO restoration parts, this 1969 Judge is a groovy trip back to glory days of 1969 when Day-Glo paint, bellbottoms and a man on the moon were all the rage.

“This gorgeous 1969 Judge is a beautiful example of one of Pontiacs most enduring legends,” says Don Keefe, the founding editor-in-chief of Poncho Perfection magazine and author of the book, How to Restore Your Pontiac GTO 1964-1974.

Your opportunity to enter and win this better-than-new 1969 GTO Judge is now, but don’t wait to enter. GTOs this nice only come around every 50 years or so and we wouldn’t want you to miss your chance to buckle up in this time machine and drive it home. Plus, we’ll pay $20,000 for the taxes.

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