Video: Tick Tock, Getting To Your Date, Aaron Kaufman Style!

The clock is running down, tick-tock! Aaron Kaufman of Fast N’ Loud and Gas Monkey Garage can’t keep his date waiting for long. He will, however, get there in style, thanks to this 1963 Ford Falcon. This bearded Romeo knows not to leave a lady waiting. Throw those roses in the front seat, attach the steering wheel, and let’s roll!

This bird of prey cranked up quickly through the MSD Performance ignition, and the Ford Racing small block 383 has plenty of power to get those Nittos burning. Throw in the Holley 750cc HP series carburetor and the engine will get fed when the pedal is smashed. The Richmond T-10 quicktime bell housing handles torquey twisty power transfer like a boss.

As it revs up, the stainless steel Kaufman-built 3-inch true dual exhaust with true-X and Magnaflow mufflers throws out drool-worthy tones. A Ron Davis radiator keeps it cool during the heavy-duty driving session. The Racepak Data system is keeping a close eye on everything.

This car is also equipped a Global West front suspension and Kaufman/Ridetech wishbone three link rear with a Chris Alton Chassisworks swaybar. tick-tock-4RideTech triple adjustable coilovers on all four corners conquer the bumps and turns like a champ. A Mark Williams 9” rear axle with Detroit Locker and 4.00:1 gearing gets the power to the Forgeline wheels quickly. Thanks to the Wilwood brakes, it has as much stopping power as it does go-fast power, maybe.

Through the concrete jungle it flies. Negotiating turns, putting down some major power, and handling Kaufman’s crazy driving. The fishtailing and aggressive driving catches some unwanted attention, ut the police cruiser doesn’t stand a chance. Aaron’s only challenge is keeping his date’s roses from bouncing around the inside of the Falcon.

The steering wheel comes off (that’s a heck of a way to valet a car), roses come out, the cork on the wine gets popped, and it’s date time. Hopefully your Valentine’s Day was as exciting as the scenes from this A New World Order & Arclight Alliance short, as directed by Tyler Wolff & AJ Rickert Epstein.


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