VIDEO: A Hagerty Spotlight of a ’72 Javelin SST

In recent months, our friends at Hagerty have showcased various vehicles from owners all over the country, from vintage European cars to classic muscle cars. Recently, they spotlighted a ’72 AMC Javelin SST owned by a Southern California native and surfer, Josh Gold.

Previously owned by a friend’s mother, Josh spent roughly a year bringing the broken-down Javelin back to life; fixing up the engine and taking its aesthetics back to original. It’s a car that’s been in his life since his childhood, being shuttled to baseball games, movie theaters, and beaches. While he always had an admiration for the car, it wouldn’t be until recent years where he would have an opportunity to purchase it when his friend’s mom retired to Florida.

After a plenty of wrenching and TLC, the paint was shiny and the 401-cubic-inch V-8 was rumbling down California highways once again. It’s largely left stock, with the exception of aftermarket American Racing wheels.

These days, the Javelin serves as Josh’s daily commuter; relying on out to take him to work, to the stores and to the beach. It’s certainly a standout in his community where you don’t see an AMC everyday, but it’s right at home in Southern California.

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