VIDEO: Generation Gap – ’65 Dodge Coronet 500 vs. ’95 BMW M3

Our friends at Hagerty, Davin and Matt, are at it again with there latest Generation Gap video. This video is especially interesting because of the two models they chose to compare. Sure they’re both two door, four seat, RWD coupes, but they come from two very different places.

In one corner you have the 1965 Dodge Coronet 500; big, bad, made in Detroit American iron. In the other corner, the well-engineered German marvel that is BMW’s M3. Two cars that take the term “sport coupe” in different directions.

BMW’s Motorsports or “M cars,” as most people know them, have a rich history in racing. Matt brings out a 1995 M3 which is equipped with an ECU-tuned 183 ci. 3L straight-6, pumping out 280 hp in a lightweight modern package. In addition to the tune, the M3 has a cold air intake, exhaust and suspension upgrades to make it an extremely capable car. With leather interior and German engineering it does make for a great driver’s car.GG500M3-2

Davin, shows up to the event with Dodge ‘s most popular model for the 1965 model year, the Coronet 500. This particular model is packing 383ci of all American V8 with the famed Mopar Performance “Purple” camshaft, aluminum intake and electronic ignition. With four on the floor, the big Dodge was built to terrorize dragstrips and boulevards.


Of course this is Timeless Muscle, and you have to admit, who here doesn’t love the rumble and sound of a finely tuned V8? The Coronet 500 is instantly recognizable and the sound of the Purple camshaft in the 383 is music to the ears of car guys and gals everywhere.So to see which car came out on top, check out the video and let us know what you think of their decision.


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