VIDEO: Hot Rod Harry’s Mid Engine 442 1978 Oldsmobile

The only proper way to describe this ride is “Wow!” — this 1978 Oldsmobile was modified by Olds Engineer and owner of Mid-Engineering, Bill Porterfield, back in the day. Owned by Hot Rod Harry’s at the time of the video, this mid-engine 442 Olds is looking and running better than ever.

This was Hot Rod Magazine’s Street Machine of the year in 1978, and cover car in October of 1978. This mean little mid-engine 442 has a lot of history behind it, but that’s not exactly why this Olds is so unique.

Originally, the 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon 442 was a five passenger, front engine, rear-wheel drive car. There is no room in the back for passengers anymore, the engine is now taking up that space! It was related using a Mid Engineering installation kits that bolts to the stock frame rails.

Once that was in place, it was only a matter of mounting the Olds engine and transaxle in place. A panel covers the powertrain so it’s separate from the front seats, but the big blower probably still takes up a lot of the viewing space in the rearview.

Not only has the engine been relocated, it’s also a 600+ horsepower beats of 403 Oldsmobile V8 with a 671 blower and two 4bbl carbs. The heavily modified engine also has TRW pistons, a W30 camshaft, and ported and polished cylinder heads. It’s fed by an ATL 22-gallon Super Cell and dual Holley electric pumps. Chevrolet Corvette Hubs and Brakes adapted to the Olds axle shafts.

The outside is pretty wild looking, which is appropriate for the build. It’s sporting a very loud maroon paint job with yellow and orange stripes, and the interior is made to match the multi-color body work.

As you’ll notice, the car is listed for sale by Hot Rod Harry’s, but the ad and video are both from 2015, so it may or may not currently be with Harry’s.

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