VIDEO: Jay Leno Drives a Carbon Fiber ’69 Camaro from Finale Speed


OK, now this os one particular build that blows us away. If you were to have told somebody 30 years ago that you would one day be able to build a full carbon fiber bodied ’69 Camaro, they wold have thought you were nuts. But it has happened, and is very possible to replicate what you see on this page.

Finale Speed, owned by Overhaulin’ alum Chris Jacobs, has built a pro-touring style 1969 Camaro for one very lucky customer. Featuring a fully-aftermarket suspension system, carbon fiber body panels throughout the entire car, and a 650hp crate engine from Chevrolet Performance, it’s one serious machine.

It should be said that the crate engine in questions is the same GEN-V LT4 supercharged 6.2L found in the current Cadillac CT5-V Blacking, and can easily be modified to 800hp using simple bolt-on parts. Some key components have went into this build, not only racing the standard horsepower level, but bumping up significantly, while lending the Camaro a very unique sound. This was aided by a set of Ultimate Headers, designed specifically for LS/LT-swapped ’69 Camaros, as well as a Magnaflow exhaust system, The engine is backed by a TREMEC T-56 manual 6-speed.

But an interesting point that Leno made, was that it’s about 750-800hp lighter than a standard all-steel body ’69 Camaro. So the horsepower/weight ratio is even further improved with the fact the curb weight is a very impressive 2,750-lbs.

On the inside, is a TMI supplied interior, custom roller, aftermarket gauges and a custom console are welcome additions. The Alpine head unit, Focal amplifiers and Mosconi speakers bring the in-car audio system to current expectations.

Wildwood 6-piston in the front and 4-piston binders in the rear, tucked behind a set of Forgeline 3-piece wheels wrapped in Toyo R888-R rubber. The rear wheels are tucked in nicely, thanks to the mini-tubs. Billet Speed side view mirrors are a nice touch to the overall aesthetic, too. We can go on, but then we’d just ruin the video. Watch the full clip below:

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