VIDEO: The Norwegian Mercury Cyclone

In a world full of performance vehicles of every ilk and variation, from European countries to Japan and even South America, muscles are from The United States remain to be among the most popular. Naturally the Camaros, Mustangs, Chevelles, Chargers and the like are among the top echelon of the coveted classics the world over.

Despite this, there are quite a few people from various foreign lands who actually do their research and uncover a plethora of vintage american iron that even those of their home country have forgotten. One example of this is Alexander Brevik, and his undying love for his once-restored ’69 Mercury Cyclone.

Powered by the tried and true 351W small-block Ford mill, the basically stock midsized Torino variant offers plenty of Point A-B reliability and quite the steak contrast to his flock of European Fords; the Scorpios, Cortinas, Sierras, Escorts and even a Fiesta.

Obviously a Blue Oval guy who can’t get enough of Uncle Henry’s brand, Alander has kept his modifications limits to a Holley 4-bbl carb, obligatory American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels, stiffer shocks and springs and a free-flowing exhaust system. Oh, and a set of MoonEyes also hang from the rearview mirror.

He keeps it cool and calm while taking the mountain roads in his neck of the woods, knowing full well that handling isn’t exactly the Cyclone’s strong suit, however, he doesn’t mind blowing out the carbon from time to time, largely as a way to blow off steam, citing that it was restored back in 2000 and it needs little to no work. He’s quite conent with the bodywork and the way it drives, being the sole vehicle he owns that’s actually presentable, reliable and basically show-ready. We think he’s done well.


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