Video: ProCharged Gen III Hemi-Powered Plymouth Satellite

The 2020 Holley MoParty was an incredible success for those that were able to attend but for those that were not able to go, Holley put together a few videos to give those Mopar enthusiasts at home a closer look at some of this year’s highlights. Unfortunately though, many of the close ups are more like teasers and really lack a lot of information about the cars. One such video features a very intriguing ProCharged black 1973 Plymouth Satellite.

The car was acquired by now HP Racing owner, Chris Herndon of Bethlehem, GA, when he was 13 years old. He found the car in the woods with a fence post through the rear floor pan and after some work and the addition of a big block, the Autumn Bronze Metallic Plymouth got him to and from college.

With dreams of starting a Mopar performance shop, Herndon found a new use for the old Satellite and decided to make the car into a business card of sorts.

Through our own research we were able to find out more about this breathtaking car and Herndon’s up and coming business that will undoubtedly bring some incredibly high performance to the Mopar’s in Georgia.

It appears that most of the work began in February of 2016 and was finished up this year and from the looks of it there is not much about the car that has not been in some way customized. It features a tubular crossmember with a rack and pinion style steering system, a custom rear suspension implementing a Dana 60 rearend, Wilwood 4-piston disc brakes, and a custom roll cage.

The interior features Corbeau racing seats and a dash and console from a 2015 Dodge Challenger. These interior parts were not the only parts borrowed from a modern Dodge. Powering the classic Plymouth is a 6.2-liter Gen III HEMI with a massive ProCharger. Backing the engine is a ProMotion 5-speed manual transmission. While it is unclear how fast this 1973 Plymouth Satellite is, Herndon claims to be shooting for the 9-second range.

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