VIDEO: A Sneak Peak of Ken Block’s Updated Mustang

If you’ve ben following Ken Block for any length of time, then you would know that he has quite a penchant for building some gf the most wile Ford drift cars out there. He’s dabbled with late-model Fiestas and a Focus, and if you may have seen his ’65 Mustang that has been converted into an all-wheel drive drift car.

Once packing 850hp, Ken Block took this car on an epic tirade through the city of streets of Los Angeles almost two years ago, with the video nearly hitting 40-million views on YouTube as of this writing. In fact, it’s been so popular that if you haven’t seen it by now, then chances are, you’re either not a real car person or you don’t on an internet connection.

Anyway, Ken’s not one to leave things well enough alone, so he decided upon rebuilding the Mustang almost entirely, with the majority of the focus being under the hood — where the power output has jumped from 845, to over 1400 horsepower with the help of a couple of turbos.

There are plenty of drivetrain updates ingrained in the car, as well, that we might not hear about for a little while. We’ll keep you posted and we’ll see what we can do to get up close and personal with this car at SEMA 2016.

Keep an eye out for the follow up video of this car, where Ken will inevitably be talking it out in yet another epic jaunt through a major city with police in tow. Rumor has it, this time in London. We’ll see soon enough…

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