VIDEO: Speedway Motors Builds a ’72 Chevelle

We love a good project car, and we have plenty of them around the AutoCentric Media Garage. However, we always pay attention to what our readers and friends in the industry are doing, and that includes the good folks over at Speedway Motors.

As it turns out, Speedway was in the market for their latest project, a ’70s muscle car, and they found it through a local customer. Over the course of the last year, Speedway Motors has been keeping themselves busy with not only the day to day operations, but also with cooking up their latest project car. That car ended up being a one-owner ’72 Chevelle Malibu.

Packing a 307 cubic-inch powerplant, a column-shifted automatic transmission and dog-leg gears, the Chevelle is a bread and butter A-body that was ripe for modification. Speedway has decided not only to modify the vehicle to showcase the industry’s latest hardware, but to document each step of the build, via, YouTube.

Already up to Episode 9 as of this writing, we felt that the series was so interesting that we decided to document the build, starting from the very beginning. In the three episodes attached to this page, you’ll see the introduction and purchase of the car, a general overview, baseline testing and the installation of aftermarket Omega Kustom gauges.

We’ll follow this installment up with subsequent updates on the Chevelle, focusing on various other aspects of the car; including the suspension/steering, brakes and naturally, the engine, transmission and rearend. It’ll ultimately become a very respectable street/strip car, but will also be a few suspension tweaks and wheel swap towards a capable pro-touring/handling car.

With the baseline testing and the gauges mounted, keep it here for the next installment on the Speedway Motors Chevelle.


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