VIDEO: Timelapse — Hagerty Rebuilds a 389 Tri-Power V8

We admit it, the Pontiac guys don’t get enough love on this page and we need to rectify that. We’ve been a little stagnant on our ’68 Firebird build as well, although that one will be coming to a close very soon. So to wet your Poncho whistle until then, we’ve elected to pass along this time-lapse clip from Hagerty.

We’ve featured several of their videos in the past, and among them, the time-lapse engine builds have been some of our favorites!

This is the latest installment, where they dig out a 389 Tri-Power from a Tupperware storage container, for a fresh rebuild. Clearly used and abused, and put away wet, the crew at Hagerty chad their work cut out for them from the get go.

For our younger readers and viewers, the 389 Tri-Power was the top engine offering in the ’64-66 Pontiac GTO, and you can trace its first year of [389] production in 1959. Its previous iteration was a 370-inch mill, with a smaller stroke.

Utilizing Pennzoil lubricants, JE pistons, ARP bolts and a few other odds and ends form the aftermarket, the largely stock 389 mill was basally left for dead, but is now humming along thanks to some hard work, careful planning and a fresh rebuild! Check out the final scene where they start it up for the first time, on an Easy Run engine test stand.

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