Video: Trade Your Cat And Fish In For A ‘Bird…Pontiac’s 1967 Firebird On TV

For those of you who follow our fascination with pony cars, you must have read that we recently covered one of the world’s most coveted, and obscure, Camaros, the very last Nickey Stage III. A big-block blast from the past, the L-88 Camaro was said to come along during the early-to-mid 1970s. But the very fact that muscle car mania was slowly starting to fizzle was one that was across the board; how exactly that history would affect Pontiac, of all GM companies, is just as much of a read.

Truth be told, the automotive scene has changed in this way; “back in the day,” there was far more cross-company warfare in existence, and GM was not apart from this movement. In response to Chevy building an F-Body to compete against Ford’s Mustang, Pontiac conceived their own variation of the F-Body platform. For those of you who have grown-up with either Camaros or Birds, you have to admit that Pontiac was that company, who brought more Firebird 3aesthetically to GM’s F-Body platform. It was the little things: shaker hood; air vents… features like these and a unique gauge panel set Pontiac’s pony apart from even the most bad-ass, Z/28 Camaro.

If you need even more proof of the Firebird’s validity in the muscle car world, one of Don and Frank Yenko’s most famed, 1970s creation is an L-88, 427 Trans Am, a 1975 car that even chased a Muncie 4-speed. Unbelievable for that part of the ’70s, but though hard to sometimes visualize, L-88 motors were fitted in other makes besides Chevy!

But our featured video is not necessarily one advertising a “supercar,” per se. Though Firebirds and Trans Ams did become a staple of 1970s auto. In fact, they shared a bodyline, strikingly similar to their Chevrolet cousin. This was true for the 1967 production year, and so our featured commercial aims to sell as many “new” cars as possible!

Firebird 2

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