VIDEO: Watch this 9-Second LeSabre Sleeper Blaze Down the Track

Saying that this LeSabre is ‘not your grandpa’s Buick’ would be a massive understatement! This Buick LeSabre is a super sleeper that has no trouble cutting single-digit passes on the 1/4-mile track. What does it take to make a Buick LeSabre worthy of ultimate sleeper track car status? The sleeper part comes from the fact that it’s a 1977 Buick LeSabre, and the rest comes from what you can’t see when the hood is closed.

This Buick LeSabre is no newbie to the internet. It went viral a few years ago when it showed up on the scene running 9.85 at 133.82 miles per hour, and high-11s without power adders. The bigger deal is that it did so with the full original interior, almost totally original suspension, and while looking like something our great uncle would take to the early Sunday morning service at church.

The driver of this ordinary-looking LeSabre is a car he built for his dad, with full intentions of making it a sleeper. It’s powered by a 385 cubic-inch, LT1 based engine with a nitrous plate. It’s had a few changes since it sent the internet into a tizzy, this time around, it’s running with a solid cam instead of a hydraulic cam. The result is a 25-horsepower gain at the wheels on a dyno, according to the driver. They did have a big tune on it, pushing it into the 700 horsepower range, but the car wouldn’t make it down the track without blowing a spark plug, or two.

As it sits, with a ‘mild’ tune, the car makes an impressive 675 horsepower. When it came time to hit the track, the driver purged the nitrous lines, and took off. The end result was a new lower time of 9.77 at 136 miles per hour, not too shabby!


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