Pace Performance Introduces New Supercharged 383 Crate Engine


Completely forged, and totally streetable, Pace Performance is now carrying a supercharged 383 crate engine — and it’s mean! The 8.5:1 compression ratio engine makes hefty power with the help of a TorqStorm supercharger system. This engine is a perfect option to swap into just about anything.

Thanks to Pace Performance, this engine comes ready to drop in and drive. It’s already gone through the break-in and tuning process from Pace before it’s shipped out. Making an impressive 627 horsepower at 5800 RPM, 601ft-lbs. of torque at 4800 RPM, we’re trying to find a car to throw one in! In the meantime, check out the details from Pace below.

Official Release:

Pace Exclusive SBC 383 627HP Supercharged Crate Engine

This new Pace exclusive small block is built with all forged internals with a happy & streetable 8.5:1 compression ratio. Forcing the horsepower to the 600+HP range is the new limited lifetime warranty TorqStorm supercharger system. This engine is completely dyno tested, tuned and broken in. Power: 627HP @ 5800 RPM, 601ft-lbs. of torque @ 4800 RPM.


• Pace complete engine dyno test, tune & break-in service. Click Here for more information.
• Fully assembled long block
• Chrome Steel Valve Covers
• Melling High Volume Oil pump, pick-up and oil pan
• Front timing cover with 8” timing pointer
• Oil Filter Adapter
• Edelbrock As Cast RPM Air-Gap Aluminum Intake Manifold
• Thermostat and Polished Aluminum Housing
• Mighty Demon 750CFM Annular, Blow Through Carburetor
• TorqStorm ARP-K-GMSBC-DS Complete Supercharger System. Click Here for warranty information.
• 8” Harmonic Balancer
• Performance Mechanical Fuel Pump
• Carb Fuel Inlet and Plumbing to Fuel Pump
• Performance HEI Distributor
• Spark Plugs, Wires and Looms
• Long Aluminum Water Pump
• 14” HD Flexplate
• HD Performance Starter with bolts
• 2 Oil Filters
• 6 Quarts of Zinc enhanced break in oil
• 6 Quarts of Zinc enhanced 10W30 non-synthetic oil

BP38316CT1-1TSX – Pace SBC 383/627HP Supercharged Crate Engine..$11,499.88

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  • Supercharged 383 SBC
  • Forged internals
  • Dyno tested, tuned, and broken in
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