Product Review: Holley’s “Terminator,” EFI Conversion Kit

Matt Lewis of Hagerty Classic Cars is a huge fan, as a lot of us are, of late-model conversions on early-era cars. Really, it just seems to be the way to go, and if doing an entire motor swap is not necessarily your first option, then Holley certainly does offer among the aftermarket’s best in fuel injection.

That’s because they manufacture what is called the “Terminator” kit, an EFI swap that can be done on any platform of choice. Ease of installment on the mid-sized platform is beautifully demonstrated in our featured Chevelle build, Davin Reckow’s red, ’66 Super Sport, “Given the fact that my personal car, a ’66 Chevelle is not bone-stock original, I’m not taking away any kind of ‘holy grail,'” says Reckow of his Chevelle.

Really, fuel-injection swaps on early cars are more a game of efficiency than outright brute. So it makes total sense that Holley doesn’t guarantee the same performance increase, and for every single vehicle. Matt Lewis is equally-impressed by not only the sustainability of the Terminator system, but on how it makes for an easy install on Davin’s Chevelle, “Really, the difficult parts were working with braided fuel lines, which isn’t terribly difficult, but it’s something you have to learn,” says Lewis of the EFI install.

Holley’s setup wizard is as smart as it is convenient, and with the Terminator EFI, it’s possible to determine your motor’s cubic-inch displacement, distributor type and timing in real-time. Along with an easy-to-use controller, Holley’s kit features the throttle body, fuel injectors and sensors that you need to get your muscle classic dialed-in.

This is also proven on the race track, as Holley’s Terminator kit was able to get Davin Reckow’s A-Body up to 358 from 329 rear-wheel-horsepower. Torque increases also showed-up on the chassis dyno, as Reckow’s Chevelle SS, which is n’t stock, enjoyed an increase from 449 to 501 feet-pounds-of-torque. This is especially astonishing in light of the EFI’s simplicity, both in function and install.

If you’re in the market for electronic injection for you’re early-era classic, then Holley is that vendor who you need to be calling. And with their Terminator EFI, you’re sure to get plenty of gains in terms of fuel delivery!

Give Holley Performance Products a visit when you can!

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