Restore a Muscle Car Brings a Long-Time ’79 Trans Am Owner’s Car Back to Life!

Restore a Muscle Car is one of the largest and fastest growing restoration shops in the country, nevermind Nebraska! Their drive for success is nothing short of inspirational, and their passion and love for restoring classic muslcecars seeps through the surface in each car that they build!

They’ve restored cars for everyone from the average Joe, to rock stars and various celebrities, but they take the same amount of care and attention to detail in each and every vehicle they build, from stock restorations to full-on, pro-touring cars. While they obviously have a thing for Firebirds and Trans Ams, you can find just about every example of classic American iron passing through their shop doors at any given time!

But they know what their bread and butter customer base is, and that’s with the Pontiac Trans Am. A perfect example would be this ’79 they built for southern Indiana resident, Scott K. Having the car off the road since 1992, and owning the Firebird for an even longer time than that, Scott was pretty sincere in finding “the right Trans Am restoration shop” for his baby.


His example is a black with silver decal package 403 ci./automatic car, with matching black interior – a fairly rare combination, especially with all of the black/gold Special Edition clones out there these days. It’s a true representation of what the everyday enthusiast would have owned, back then, and today.

After a chance encounter with Dave hall and the Restore a Muscle Car crew at the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio, as well as talk all over the internet praising their work, it suddenly became clear to Scott in who he should employ for the build. After watching the video and hearing his feedback, it’s apparent that he’s happy with his decision.


Look at the smile on that face! You can go ahead and count Scott K. as another satisfied customer!

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