SQR Performance from Flex-a-Lite now available from Summit Racing

One of the fastest growing ignition entires on the market, is the SQR Performance brand. It’s a sub brand of Flex-a-Lite, which may sound strange to some people. However, we’ve seen these parts in person, and the quality of them is on-par with the quality products we’ve used from Flex-a-Lite in the past. Learn more below.

Official Release:

Improve Spark Delivery with SQR Performance Ignition Components

SQR Performance ignition components are ideal upgrades for street performance and mild race engines. They’ll deliver a hotter spark without breaking the bank.  All SQR Performance products come with a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Spark Plug Wire Sets

SQR Performance Spark Plug Wire Sets feature black silicone sleeves and gray silicone boots. They are available in 8mm and 8.5mm versions:

The 8mm wires have a spiral-wound suppression core with 30 ohms/ft. of resistance and deliver a significant performance improvement over stock wires. They’re available fully assembled for small block Chevy or in universal V8 sets with a choice of straight or 90-degree boots.

The 8.5mm wires have a spiral-wound suppression core with an ultra-low 50 ohms/ft. of resistance. The wires also have larger wire insulation and extra-thick molded plug boots. The wires come in assembled sets for GM LS engines or unassembled for small block Chevy and universal-fit V8 applications.

HEI Distributor for Chevy

The SQR HEI Distributor for Chevrolet engines is a performance upgrade built from all-new components. It has a CNC-machined cast-aluminum body and a hardened-steel drive gear for long life. You also get a 65,000-volt coil, a high-output ignition module, a performance mechanical advance curve, and an adjustable vacuum advance. The distributor fits small and big block Chevy with standard deck height.

HEI Ignition Module

This SQR Performance HEI Ignition Module is the same one SQR puts in its HEI Distributor. The module provides high coil output and fits most factory and aftermarket HEI distributors that use a four-pin module.

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