Summit Racing Now Stocking Flex-a-Lite Dri-Pod Floor Dryers

We’ve all been there; whether we’ve spilled something on the shop floor or scrubbed the carpets and wants them to dry faster, we wanted something that could help fast track the drying process. While there are ways to do this, the most impressive way to do this is utilizing Flex-a-Lite’s brand new Dri-Pod Floor Dryer.

It’s an affordable solution ($87.99) that provides an effective and speedy way to dry up that shop spill on the floor. It’s currently available directly through Flex-a-Lite, and Summit Racing Equipment.

Official Release:

Flex-A-Lite Dri-Pod Floor Dryers

Dry carpets and hard surfaces fast! Flex-A-Lite Dri-Pod floor dryers enhance evaporation across floors and quickly remove surface moisture in small spaces. These lightweight, stackable air movers feature a unique design that pulls warm, dry air from above and directs it down through a louvered grill across the floor–drying in all directions! Dri-Pod units are perfect for speed-drying carpet and floors, under furniture, and inside cabinets. Their onboard convenience outlet allows you to daisy-chain up to six Dri-Pods, and the motor and fan blade combination deliver just as much airflow power, but with quieter operation.


* Dries carpets and hard surface floors quickly after cleaning, leaks, or spills
* Move easily. Simply pick it up and carry it, stacks for storage, too
* Directs air uniformly across floor in a 360 degree pattern to accelerate drying
* Quiet operation–especially important for drying occupied spaces
* Dry confined spaces–inside cabinets, closets or bathrooms
* Only 15 in. wide and fits almost anywhere
* Injection molded housing with wire grill

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