Timeless Muscle Visits Carlisle All-Ford Nationals 2015


*photography by: John Machaquerio

Timeless Muscle Magazine Visits the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals Event for the Very First Time!

Every summer in June, Ford, Mercury and Lincoln fans flock to Carlisle, Pennsylvania for the annual Carlisle All-Fords Nationals event. Jam-packed with over 2,800 special-interest vehicles born from the Blue Oval, spanning from 1903 to present day, there really is something for everyone if you’re a fan of all things Ford.

Knowing how prominent and excitedly awesome the events at Carlisle can be, we had no choice but to load up our camera gear and head out to the show for an eyeful of some of the most beautiful Fords on the East Coast! If you don’t see your car featured in the shots below, don’t fret, because we’ve also linked back to the weekend’s top honors results, as well as scheduled to visit once again for the 2016!

You can see the complete list of Winner’s List, by clicking HERE.

1955 Ford COE (Butch Avery, New York)


1957 Ford Thunderbird (Myra Markley, Arkansas)


1961 Ford Starliner (Larry & Patty Hill, Virginia)

1965 Factory Five Daytona (Roger Dieter, Pennsylvania)


1966 Ford Fairlane (Bob Pauloz, Maryland)

1967 Ford Mustang Sport Sprint (Nick and Teri Garcia, Pennsylvania)


1968 Mercury Cougar (CJ Sabol, Pennsylvania)


1968 Ford Mustang GT (Brian Commisso, New York)


1970 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 (C. Menzo Peck, New York)


1972 Ford Mustang Sprint (Robert Hand, Connecticut)

1978 Ford Mustang King Cobra (Dennis Enochs, Pennsylvania)


Additional Highlights

While there were plenty of late-model cars at the event, we kept our focus primarily on the classics, just for you guys! But if you’re interested in participating with your late-model Mustang, Ford GT, Thunderbird, Cougar or even a Lincoln, Carlisle has a spot reserved just for you! See you next year!

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