Trans Dapt Designs New Valve Cover Adapters for LS Engines


Saying the LS swap is popular would only be news to someone who just woke up from a decade long coma (if that’s the case, welcome to 2016, good to have you back!). But seriously, as popular as LS swaps are, there are still components lacking to make swaps easier. Parts interchange between the old and the new can be a real struggle for a lot of builders. Trans Dapt recognizes this issues many LS swappers face, and is making life a little easier with their new valve cover adapters.

The Trans Dapt Valve Cover Adapters for LS engines allow for the use of small block Chevy or small block Ford valve covers to be used on LS engines. Now you can use your original valve covers that match the engine bay/car. It’s a great alternative to having to customize LS valve covers, and also allows for the use more valve cover options. These valve cover adapters come in the separate Ford and Chevy bolt configurations, and include everything you need to install them. Learn more about them below.

Official Release:

New valve cover adapters from Trans Dapt Performance Products let you dress up your LS engine to look like a classic Chevrolet or Ford small block engine.

Whittier, Calif. (January, 2016) – Trans Dapt Performance Products is excited to announce its all new Valve Cover Adapters for the GM LS family of engines. With these adapters, owners of LS engine equipped vehicles can bolt on a set of classic Small Block Chevrolet or Small Block Ford valve covers to transform the look of their modern engine, making it match their classic vehicle.

The popularity of the GM LS engine swap has never been higher than it is today. Thanks to the readily available supply of both new and used engines, the wide variety of performance parts in the aftermarket, and the engine’s massive power potential compared to its physical size, these engines have become the go-to for modern powertrain upgrades. But they aren’t just finding their way under the hood of GM vehicles, these engines have become increasingly popular with the street rod and hot rod crowd building Ford-based custom vehicles. Now, with Trans Dapt’s new Valve Cover Adapters, LS engine owners can maintain the classic look of their vehicle’s engine compartment by bolting on a set of factory or aftermarket SBC or SBF valve covers while enjoying the modern refinement of these late model powerplants.

Trans Dapt’s Valve Cover Adapters are manufactured using laser cut steel for optimum precision and durability. They are available in Small Block Chevrolet perimeter bolt pattern (Part# 6138) and Small Block Ford (Part# 6139) variations. Each pair of adapters come with all the necessary gaskets and mounting hardware. Made in the USA.


  • Easy to use design
  • Allows for the use of SBC and SBF valve covers
  • Includes everything needed to install
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Trans Dapt

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