Video: 720-Horsepower Ford Galaxie 500 Is a Monster On Wheels

Drag racing is a sport of speed, racers compete head to head to try and dominate one another in a showing of straight line speed. Muscle cars king in such a scenario, with huge big-block V8s and their, all too apparent, inability to turn the make then the obvious choice for drag racing. This concept that reins true with the 1963 Galaxie 500 fastback depicted here.

The car was inspired by the owner’s father, who used his Galaxie for cruises and lowrider events. The owner decided to take a different approach and built his car for drag, he equipped the car with a 460 engine which he bored to 520 cubic-inches.

That size engine gives you a lot of wiggle room for power, all that air culminates to the degree of 720-horsepower. Under the car you’ll find the front end equipped with tubular control arms from Fat Man Fabrication, RideTech coilovers, an APCO 1-inch sway bar in the front, custom K-member, and RideTech four-link rear suspension.


Stopping power is a must in this car, and that’s why it sports Wilwood brakes all around. These include 6-piston brakes with 13 inch rotors in the front and 4-pistons in the back. Weighing in at 3780lbs without the driver, it makes quick work of newer muscle cars such as the Mustang, Camaro, and Charger of today.

Power is transferred via a C6 transmission, built up with billet parts to handle some serious power numbers. Apart from the engine and transmission the car also sports a Strange chromoly driveshaft, Strange differential, Strange third member, and Strange 35-spline axles. The exhaust consists of 2-inch headers which extend into 3.5inch collectors. Exhaust fumes then travel through custom made conversion cones and finally make their exit through 3.5 inch stainless stainless steel X-pipes and Pipes muffles.

Currently the interior has stayed stock other than the shifter and a Holley pro 6.8 dash and Holley Sniper EFI. Over the course of about a year, this Galaxie has become one of the most praise-worthy dragsters to ever hit the strip. Inspired by his Fathers Lowrider, this dragster throws the competition around with all 720-horsepower.

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