VIDEO: Edelbrock Engine Blocks for Small- and Big-Block Chevrolet

Despite the popularity of the LS and LT engines today, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see a traditional small-block or big block Chevy build. Unfortunately, the amount of quality small-block and big-block cores left out there have dipped over the years, after drag racers, and others, have had their way with them.

In recent news, however, our friends at Edelbrock have stepped up tp the plate to not only provide fresh blocks for SBC ad BBC fans, but offer them in a way to steps up their quality, strength and durability.

Official Release:

Edelbrock Engine Blocks for Small- and Big-Block Chevrolet

TORRANCE, CA (November 1, 2018): Edelbrock is excited to announce the release of its engine blocks for small- and big-block Chevrolet applications.Edelbrock blocks are a great starting point for any high-performance build. A true American V8 engine deserves to be started with high quality iron cast in America! Edelbrock is now offering this option with new engine blocks that are cast and machined in the USA… and made to last!

These are the same engine blocks used by Edelbrock for all of their small-block Chevy crate engines as well as their 540 RPM and 555 RPM big-block Chevy crate engines. The blocks are precision machined to Edelbrock’s specifications, and they feature standard factory specifications for popular small-bock and big block applications. They also feature splayed main caps and priority oiling for improved performance and reliability.

Edelbrock Engine Block Details:

  • Blocks are machined to Edelbrock’s precision tolerances
  • Standard factory specifications for popular Chevrolet small- and big-block applications
  • Splayed main caps and priority oiling improve both performance and reliability
  • Click the following link to watch the video and learn more:
  • Cast and machined in the USA for absolute quality and performance

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