VIDEO: Gas Monkey Garage vs. Roadkill Battle is OVER!

A couple of months ago, Hot Rod Magazine‘s Roadkill called out Gas Monkey Garage (of Fast N’ Loud fame), requesting that they take on the challenge of building a Hellcat-powered drag car for the 1/8-mile. Roadkill’s Mike Finnegan and David Frieburger recruited their General Mayhem ’68 Charger, while the Gas Monkey crew wouldn’t reveal what they had in store until they showed up to the party. Ultimately, it turned out to be a ’67 Dart.

The rules were relatively simple:

  • Rule 1: Street-race style flashlight drags; no times, no “TV drama.” Just a one and done 1/8-mile race
  • Rule 2: The car owner had to drive their own vehicles
  • Rule 3: The car has to weigh 3500-lbs. Since Roadkill was bringing a Charger to the race they expected Rawlings to do the same, or at the very least, another 3500-lb. car (without driver)
  • Rule 4: A stock-style suspension had to be in attendance. Coil springs were fine, but 4-links and ladder bars were a no-no
  • Rule 5: Rear tire must be 12-inches in width
  • Rule 6: The car must be equipped with a 2015 Charger/Challenger Hellcat drivetrain (engine and transmission)

As it turns out, the GMG crew laughed at the rules, built the car pretty much the way they wanted it and ultimately won. Rule 1 went off without a hitch, but Richard put Aaron behind the wheel. Despite what Finnegan suggested, Rawlings used a lightweight Dart to run against the General and the suspension layout on the Dart is questionable, at best. Of course, the Hellcat powertrain powered both vehicles.


Whether you were rooting for Roadkill or Gas Monkey was totally up to you, but you could site either side for stretching or bending the rules. The Gas Monkey crew built their own vehicle, while the General Mayhem was outsourced to Diversified Creations (for the Hellcat drivetrain swap), a shop located in the Detroit area. Roadkill called out Gas Monkey, set the rules, time and date, and Roadkill still lost.

Both teams were sponsored by Dodge, hence the Hellcat drivetrain and Dodge donor subject vehicles. Roadkill is simply an offshoot of the Hot Rod Magazine brand (owned by The Enthusiast Network), where Gas Monkey Garage is owned and operated by Richard. Props to both teams, but we see it as a fair race, either way.

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