VIDEO: Jay Leno Cruises in a RestoMod C2

We’ll just come right out and say that we’re suckers for what our buddy Jay Leno has been doing with his “Garage” series for the last ten years or so. Whenever we can get an opportunity to see a new and exciting car, we’re all about it!

But this car is just a little bit different than anything that’s ever been on Jay’s show before; as it belongs to MMA-fighter/comedian (what an interesting combination), Joe Rogan. Being a ’62 Corvette, the styling was already in place to build a beautiful piece of artwork from a classic Chevrolet, but there was  a hitch; it was already to modified to begin with.

As is usually the case, buying a car that was already modified to begin with is rarely a desirable thing. More often than not, the work was done by somebody who were something less than an expert in their perspective field, which was the case with Joe’s car.

Already packing an LS2 powerplant, a set of C6 wheels and an aftermarket suspension, though, the previous owner had his heart in the right place. Unfortunately, the lack of proper execution left Joe with a bad taste in his mouth and a lot left to be desired. He ultimately wound up giving Steve Strope a ring at Pure Vision Design, to help take his botched Corvette from subpar, to show winner.

The car went complete yonder the knife, seeing a color change, wheel swap and a whole host of other upgrades that initiated a complete rebuild from the ground up! The C6 wheels have long since been ditched for a killer set of Centerline AutoDrags, the LS2 has been boosted with a Magnuson Superchargers blower and the suspension is not bolted firmly to the rest of the chassis – watch the video to see what we mean!


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