YearOne Announces Fratzog Center Cap for Reproduction Mopar Wheels

If you’re a long-time Mopar fanatic, you’re probably well familiar with the Fratzog emblem that was typically found on most Dodge vehicles spanning between model years, 1962-1976. Since the late 1970s, Dodge has used a few different types of logos; from the Pentastar, to the Ram head, to the current leaning two-stripes that have adorned the bread and butter Mopar brand for the last decade.

So if you’re a younger Millennial, a Zoomer, or even a really young Generation-Alpha car fan, the tri-spoke Fratzog may confuse you. However, you might have seen it on the front of Dodge’s latest Charger EV Concept. Dodge is about to bring it back for their next generation of muscle cars, but you don’t have to wait for that car to come out to get your hands on some Fratzog swag, with these brand new center caps from YearOne MuscleCars.

Designed to fit perfectly into their reproduction Mopar Magnum and Ralleye wheels, of all sizes, you too can now adorn your classic, or late-model Dodge with these awesome throwback Fratzog logos.

Official Release:

FRATZOG Insert. Set of 4 Center Cap Inserts with Fratzog Logo for Mopar Rallye Wheel Center Caps

This aluminum center cap insert with raised Fratzog logo has an adhesive back. Retail: $39.93

Available in the following catalogs: (Click on a link below to navigate to the part)

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