BRP Hot Rods Offers Various LS Conversions For Your Muscle Classic…From A To G


Let’s face it: a 1970 Chevelle SS is not the same thing as a 2015 Camaro ZL1. In fact, there can not be any more radical contrast then comparing the whine of a supercharged LSA, to the rich lopiness of an early big-block. But as we get older, so do the American muscle classics that we’ve all grown-up with. Even so, a motor that may have been “state of the art” in 1970 is not so much so in 2015. It’s not anybody’s fault; it’s just that technology really does change that fast!


With this in mind, the popular choice for many GM muscle enthusiasts is to convert to the company’s modern small-block, the LS engine series. What better place to go then to Cumming, Georgia’s own, BRP Hot Rods? For several years, Brewer’s Restoration & Performance has specialized in the street rod, restoration and pro-touring genres.

The company broke ground in 2001, when they helped YearOne to do a one of their many LS conversions on their 1969 Camaro convertible. Upon completing the F-Body’s build, Year One’s Camaro was featured in Hot Rod Magazine, as well as Good Guys’ “Street Machine Of The Year” event. Being that the 1st-Gen was an LS-swap success, BRP decided to start their own LS motor division, Muscle Rods. Muscle Rods was not only a program that proved successful for BRP, but it was one that they started in conjunction with Hedman Hedders.


The difference with BRP is that their kits are specifically machined to match-up with factory bolt holes in your muscle car’s frame. Also, proper ground clearance and engine-to-frame alignment are taken into consideration, guaranteeing a smooth operation even at highway speeds. So whether you’re looking to do an LS swap in a classic Chevelle or even a “late-model” G-body, BRP has you covered.


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