VIDEO: Black Widow Camaro Gets the Aldan American Treatment

If there’s one car that could use some modern suspension upgrades, it’s the first-gen Chevy Camaro. Starting with very humble begins, sharing underpinnings from the Nova, the Camaro of the 1960s was tall on style, but fell short in the handling the department. At least by today’s standards.

But the automotive aftermarket is changing, and modern hot-rodders have different tastes, and standards, than those of yore. We want a well-rounded combination of great grip, and incredible handling characteristics from our  classic muscle cars. There are planet of companies to choose from, but one in particular that has been at the forefront of adjustable shocks, struts, and coil-over suspension is Aldan American.

Aldan is based in Southern California, and designs, engineers and assembles their coveted shocks, springs, and coil-overs in house. Their product catalog continues to grow constantly, and they’ve actually have had choices for first-generation Camaros and Firebirds in production for a long time.

But they’re always improving upon them, adding new options and features, and fine-tuning their products to make them the best option available. In this recent video upload on their YouTube channel, Gary of Aldan American installs a front coil-over kit, Performance Online sway bar, and tubular control arm into Bill Speed of Black Widow Exhaust‘s ’67 Chevy Camaro.

Equipped with a big-block Chevy under the hood, and ill-equipped with proper suspension components underneath, the car was long overdue for an update. Gary walks us through the process in the video below, while the video on top of this page gives us a product overview.


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