NRE is Building a 2,500-HP Mid-Engine AWD GTO

The folks over at Nelson Racing Engines have gone full mad scientists with their latest project, a 2,500-horsepower twin-turbo’ed mid-engine 1967 Pontiac GTO…because, why not? This sounds like something we weren’t expecting to see at NRE, and we’re following every update they give. NRE might be building one of the coolest muscle cars of the year, and it’s only January!

Nelson Racing Engines, based out of California, is well-known for their world-class racing engines. They are no strangers to building engines that make far over 1,500-horsepower and even 2,000-horsepower. In addition to the engine in powering the car ready to beat you up at the track, they also build high-end show vehicles. This project combines all of their specialties into one.

We’re not sure what the inspiration was behind packing an AWD drivetrain and mid-engine powertrain into a 1967 Pontiac GTO shell over at NRE, but whoever made the call definitely deserves a raise. An obscenely modified Chevy big block engine that’s force-fed air from twin turbochargers, which will be mounted backward at the rear of the car. The car will get a two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission, and run through a custom transfer case. 

From the transfer case, the power will channel into custom front and rear differentials. Inside of those two differentials is a pair of Weismann lockers so each tire can find traction. It’s far from done, but this is what we’ve been able to gather from their updates. What we’re imagining when it’s done is some kind of GTO version of Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang.

What we expect to see next is the inside of the car starting to come together with a roll cage, and a high-end interior. Body modifications could be anything, from simple to extreme. The whole team isn’t on this crazy project, so they likely won’t knock it out anytime soon.

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