VIDEO: A Split-Window ’63 Corvette Gets the LS3 Treatment

In the nearly 60 years that the first “Split Window” Corvette rolled off of the assembly line, the car has become one of the hottest classic cars to collect. With stunning lines, a one-year only rear window treatment (1963), and the car that kicked off the C2 generation, it’s on this author’s bucket list car to own.

There’s just no way to ignore that body style, the impressive list of drivetrain options, and the perfect balance of chrome and and glass.

It was also the first generation of Corvette to feature independent rear suspension as standard equipment, and would be a mainstay Corvette feature up to current day. Popup headlights were also a first in 1963, and would have a home with Corvette through the end of the C5 generation in 2004.

While the process oof these cars have reached the stratosphere, for the most part, many enthusiasts are still in a position to buy one. Jeff Montgomery is one such individual.

His example, powered by a Chevrolet Performance LS3 crate engine, was just one of many cars that stood out to us and our friends over at The Block. Sporting the modern mill with Z06 brakes, a coil-over suspension package and additional tweaks and modifications, it’s a force to be reckoned with on autocross courses around the country.

The billet wheels and side pipes are a nice touch, and the red interior inside the car really makes the whole vehicle pop. If you happen to stumble upon a derelict C2 Corvette project car, make sure we’re the first to know! We’d like to use Jeff’s car as inspiration.

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