VIDEO: Camaro Graveyard is the Saddest Place on Earth

Somewhere in Vancouver, WA, there’s a creepy, sad sight. It’s a lot full of first-gen Camaros that have been completely stripped of life. Some may call this graveyard “Camaro heaven,” but it looks much more like Camaro hell to us!

After searching around, we have a pretty good idea where this lot is, but we won’t call it out. These Camaros have been completely stripped of all of their usable parts, and are nothing but shells. There’s a bunch of classic parts suppliers in the area, and we have a feeling that’s what contributed to this yard.

Amongst the Camaros are a few that are identifiable by year, but there’s not much to identify these cars by. It’s quite evident that some have been through accidents, and even fires. Some of them have probably been in the same spot for decades. Hopefully there’s no rare models amongst them, but considering how many there are, it’s probable that there’s at least one. The videographer explains that he’s seen a Pace Car in the collection that was identifiable by its white and orange paint.

The further the guys investigate, the more varied the dead cars become. First a Firebird, then a C-10, and so on. It’s the Camaros though that seem to be completely gone be. None of the cars visible in the video seem to have any useable parts anymore. They’re just sitting there, rusting and returning to the earth.

Is this the price our cars pay so we can buy cheap used parts from salvage yards? Unfortunately, yes, but it’s somewhat of a necessary evil when you’re a gearhead. Still, it’s hard to see the cruel cycle of life that consumes parts cars.


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