VIDEO: Four Boss 429 Mustangs at Grand National Roadster Show

When I think of the Grand National Roadster Show, I’m thinking about a ’32 Highboy, a lead-sled Merc, or just about any Model-A with a small-block Chevy swapped into it—NOT a pristine Boss 429, let alone FOUR of them! However, that’s exactly what Rich from Mustang Connection came upon at the 2018 GNRS. However, those aren’t the only classic Mustangs there, as you can see a ’67 Shelby, some nice Mach 1s, Torino Cobras, and a couple of AMC AMXs, and I’m sure they’re all just as nice.

Every year, the Pomona Fairgrounds are full of the best of what the hot rod world has to offer. In fact, the cars vying for the “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” award are extremely detailed—to the point to where every nut and bolt is clocked exactly. I’ve seen engines ground smooth and painted the same wild colors the car is, and I’ve seen cars so detailed that the wires and fuel/brake lines are completely hidden. They’re beautiful in their own right, it an OCD kinda way, but nothing beats a muscle car.

The GNRS has an entire venue dedicated to muscle cars called Muscle Car Hall, and this is where Rich is for the video. It’s amazing how different all four cars are; one Raven Black and one Wimbledon White ’69 cars, and two Grabber Blue ’70s. The white ’69 is a second-owner, low mileage original. He’s had it since he was 18. The Grabber Blue ’70 next to it is just as clean, but gets driven, as it was driven from Colorado Springs to Pomona netting 16 MPG, and even sports a drag strip timeslip!

Next to it is the nicest one of the bunch, a fully restored Raven Black ’69. This one is easily a six-figure car, as a fully restored twin to this fetched a cool half-mil at Barrett-Jackson in 2015. Last, but not least sits a gorgeous, fully restored Grabber Blue ’70 that could no-doubt be a six-figure car as well.

Boss 429s weren’t the fastest Mustangs by any means, but they definitely garner points in the rare and “badass-looking” categories! Do you have a favorite?

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