VIDEO: Home-Built 1968 Charger RTR Impresses on Jay Leno’s Garage

Nine times out of ten, one can take a single look at custom car, and pretty much determine if it was built in someone’s garage, or a custom shop. Generally, the level of customization and detail will pretty much disqualify the do-it-yourself, 9-5 working, average-Joe. However, Johan Eriksson from Sweden defies the stereotype, as he and his friends have built a ’68 Charger in his garage that puts many high-dollar shops to shame. Let’s check out the Charger RTR (which stands for Road/Track/Racing).

Having been a former race car, it had been ridden hard and put away wet many a night, and eventually left for dead. It needed everything, but thanks to Johan and his team, “everything” was exactly what this coke-bottle received. Johan points out to Jay the many mods on the car, from the widened fenders (to accommodate the 22×11 and 24×15.5 wheels), to the subtly chopped roof and raked windshield. For five years, these guys either restored, or fabricated what they needed. However, in spite of the extensive modifications, the Mopar retained all of the cues that kept it “Charger.”

Opening the motor-assisted hood to exposes the 1,000hp, twin-turbo Viper engine, backed by a 6-speed manual from a 2006 Corvette. Inside, the interior is as modern as it gets, yet still maintains the classic lines. Under the motor-assisted trunk lid resides all of the custom stereo pieces for a modern look and feel. All over the car you’ll see custom billet trim, shaved roof rails, flush windshield, and a host of “touches” that sets this Charger apart.

There’s just too much to list with this meticulous and malicious Mopar, and I’m sure the best part is driving this beast, which is why Johan built it. Look to see the Charger RTR cruising the shows all around Sweden and the surrounding areas. Johan and his team have built an exceptional custom ride that could go toe-to-toe with anything built in any shop with its level of workmanship. It’s amazing that this was built in a garage. Johan and his team have exemplified what being true craftsmen is all about.

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