VIDEO: Javier Leclerc’s 1971 Chevelle Wagon Kills it at LS Fest Texas 2022

If there was ever an extremely popular “what-if” creation that hot-rodders and collectors would go crazy for today, it would be a Chevelle SS wagon. Although there was such an option in 1973, and 1973 only, the need for one these days seems more prevalent than ever.

We’ve seen various of home-brewed long roof Chevelle Super Sports for years, but one example that popped up recently was Javier Leclerc’s ’71 at LS Fest Texas 2022. Being LS-powered, obviously, it packed a lot of great hardware from our friends at Holley, including an MSD Atomic intake manifold.

In addition, the engine is cranking out nearly 850rwhp on E85, thanks to a 416-cubic inch displacement and a D1X ProCharger. It’s all backed by a 6-speed manual transmission, with Forgeline wheels and Bear Brakes providing stopping power at all four corners. The body rests on a full Roadster Shop chassis.

Javier tells Holley that the car was built for his wife, who uses it as her fun car, while also has the Chevelle do double-duty as the “mom car.” The Chevelle didn’t see any track use that weekend, as Javier was still sorting out the tune and the suspension, but it ran and drove under its own power, and left quite a lasting impression on the crowd.

Moving forward, future plans call for additional aero to the front and rear of the car, to increase downforce. He also wants to prolong the live of the transmission by adding a transmission cooler to the rice, and a safety belt harness bar for when the Chevelle hits the track in the not-too distant future. We’re looking forward to seeing more of this car, soon!


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