VIDEO: The Original Striped Tomato 1976 Gran Torino

Whether you watched the original Starsky and Hutch network television show that ran from 1975 through to 1979, saw the 2004 Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Starsky and Hutch movie, or haven’t seen either, you still recognize this car and know where it’s from.

What you are looking at in this video is not one of the 1,000 replicas, it’s actually one of the cars used from the original TV show. Over the years, Steve has owed over 40 Gran Tornios before finding the real thing. This 1976 Gran Torino is one of three used for the filming of the TV show to fill in as the Striped Tomato.

Current owner Steve Bordi grew up loving Starsky and Hutch, he even grew up and went to work in law enforcement due to the impression the show made on him. Steve is a collector of Starsky and Hutch memorabilia, but the missing part of his collection was the car.

In 1981, he found a Starsky and Hutch, but the owner of the car wasn’t interested in selling it at the time. Steve stayed in contact with the owner for eight years, and found out one day that owner had died. When Steve asked that man’s mother what happened to car, and she broke the news that she had sold it after it sat for a while.

After finding out the car he had kept an eye on was gone, Steve conducted a cross country search, he found one that had been sitting for almost 15 years, but was in awful condition and ended up getting sold for the car he has now. C&R Cars in Philadelphia completed a frame-on restoration where stock components where used as much as possible. Steve’s hard work and searching paid off because this car is as original as it gets!

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