Dream Giveaway Announces the 1969 GTO Convertible for 2022

If you ask just about anyone that knows anything about classic muscle cars, they’ll tell you that one of the most valuable, and rare, and coveted examples of classic muscle iron in the 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge convertible. With a limited number of these cars built, even seeing a real-deal example in the flash is an unusual experience. But now, with our help, and with Dream Giveaway’s help, you can have the opportunity to own one of these cars! But not just any example, a 1-of-249 Ram Air III example.

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Official Release:

Win a 1-of-249 1969 Pontiac GTO Convertible from Dream Giveaway

“With the same powertrain as one would find in a Judge combined with a more restrained exterior package, this 1969 Ram Air III GTO convertible makes for a sophisticated and very attractive performance machine—it’s still very much a head turner but it does so with a more subtle persona.” — Don Keefe, founding editor-in-chief of Poncho Perfection magazine and author of the book, “How to Restore Your Pontiac GTO 1964-1974.”

Enter to Win a Four-Speed 1969 Ram Air III Pontiac GTO Convertible

Our incredible GTO Dream Giveaway is back for this year. Get ready to win a head-turning example from the GTO’s legendary history. Make a donation today to help veterans and children, and you are one giant step closer to enjoying life to its fullest in a fully restored, four-speed 1969 GTO convertible.

The Pontiac GTO started the muscle-car era that many cherish so much today. Help us celebrate the GTO’s lasting legacy with this fully restored 1969 Ram Air GTO convertible from the marque’s magnificent glory days.

This Grand-Prize GTO is 1-of-249 Produced in 1969

Here’s the breakdown showing how rare this grand-prize 1969 GTO convertible is.

Pontiac produced 72,287 GTOs in 1969. Of those 7,328 were convertibles. Of those, 249 were equipped with the 366hp Ram Air III V-8 engine and a four-speed manual transmission.

A Judge in Sheep’s Clothing

Those who didn’t want the flash of the GTO Judge could order the oompf without the bright orange paint and graphics. This is one of those very rare GTOs. It has the same factory speed package, which came standard in the Judge, including a Ram Air III V-8 engine pumping out 366 horsepower, a quick-shifting four-speed manual transmission and an asphalt-taming Safe-T-Track limited-slip rear end.

This grand-prize GTO’s complete list of factory preferences and options includes:
• Ram Air III V-8 (a $168.51 extra cost)
• Saf-T-Track Limited Slip (a $63.19 extra cost)
• Hideaway headlamps (a $52.66 extra cost)
• Hood tachometer (a $63.19 extra cost)
• Power steering (a $105.32 extra cost)
• Four-speed transmission (a $184.80 extra cost)
• AM Radio (a $61.09 extra cost)
• Rally II Wheels (an $84.24 extra cost)
• Console (a $55.52 extra cost)

Restoration parts provided by Ames Performance. ENTER HERE

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