VIDEO: C2 Corvette Packs a Grand Sport Aesthetic with Modern Coil-Overs from Aldan American

If you ask just about anyone in the classic car world, most would agree that the C2 Corvette is one of the most coveted vintage sports cars on the planet. Front the selection of available V8 engines and transmissions from Chevrolet, to its epic handling and styling, it’s one of the most popular “dream machines” out there.

While most examples have been restored to pristine, concours condition, several are still out there, modified, and kicking tail on the streets and race tracks all over the world. One example is this; a ’65 Corvette owned by Mark Angle of Hemet, California. Powered by a hopped-up small-block Chevy, it’s been built to look like a C2 Grand Sport; the car that dominated road courses like Laguna Seca and Watkins Glen in the 1960s.

Taking it a step even further, it has seen some suspension upgrades. Notably, coil-overs from Aldan American that increase corning ability, lower the ride height, and offer the adjustability to suit whatever type of needs that Mark has for it.

These days, you don’t see too many C2 Grand Sports on the track or at all really, but with cars like Mark’s tribute out there, it’s always awesome to get a dose of what it was like in the old days!

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