Dream Giveaway Announces the ’67 Olds 442 W-30

OK, we’re excited about this one! We’ve been working with Dream Giveaway for nearly a decade, and in all that time, we haven’t seen one of these come though — until NOW! Learn all of the details in the release below and be sure to ENTER TO WIN, using our special code to earn FREE additional tickets.

Official Release:

Learn more About this Olds 442 W30

“Meet the car that Olds built for people on the go. 442. The road car/rally machine in street clothing!”— Oldsmobile (1967)

Win a 32,000 Original-Mile 1967 Oldmobile 442 W30 Factory-Built Drag Racer

Think of all the things you’d rank most important in a muscle car you can fall in love with over and over again.

You’d check off low miles, a nut-and-bolt restoration, and, of course, a big-block engine, right? Now what if the original owner of your dream muscle car worked for a manufacturer, was a Test Engineer at the manufacturer’s proving grounds and had the inside track on what factory options would make for the ultimate muscle car?

That’s what we have for you in our new Olds 442 giveaway. The grand-prize is a holy grail of the classic muscle-car era with a factory test-track provenance and an amazing history that took it from Lansing, Michigan, to the quarter-mile straightaways of the NHRA Indy Nationals, all in swinging 1960s.

Keep reading to learn how you can put this 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W30 factory-built drag racer in your garage without ever having to make a monthly collector-car payment.

Win the Ultimate 442 W30

Way back in 1967, a young Oldsmobile Test Track engineer named Dick Haas special ordered this ’67 442 W30, and it spent the first few months of its life as a High-Performance Test Car at General Motors’ Milford Proving Grounds. After loading this rare 442 W30 with every factory speed part in the order books, this black-on-black W30 factory drag racer campaigned in major NHRA events (with Haas behind the wheel), representing the Oldsmobile brand on and off the track.

It is one of two sequential test-track cars built specifically for NHRA racing in the Summer of 1967.

As is typical with muscle cars built specifically for NHRA stock class racing, this fantastic 442 W30 put its mileage on one-quarter mile at a time and today shows 32,000 original miles.

Thanks to the dedication of the original owner to preserve a significant chapter of muscle-car history, this is a fantastic muscle car that you will be proud to put in your garage and cherish forever.

Enter now.

Plus, Nearly Every Factory Performance Option was Ordered

This amazing 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W30 has nearly every factory performance option available in the 1967 442 dealer brochure including:
•UHV transistorized ignition system
• Rocket Rally Pac
• 4-4-2 Turbo Hydramatic
• Anti-Spin rear axle
• Forced-Air induction system

National Quality Restoration

This 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W30 features a meticulous frame-off restoration supervised by its original owner. It is 100-percent period correct, right down to its numbers-matching 350hp 400ci V-8, twin-snorkel Forced Air induction, red fender liners, 12-bolt Anti-Slip rear end and relocated battery location to the trunk.

Its factory-issued blueprinted 350-hp V-8 was professionally rebuilt to stock specs and it has very few miles on it since completion.

Its interior is 100-percent original.

With only 32,000 original miles, a fantastic frame-off restoration and provenance from the original-owner Oldsmobile engineer, this is a holy grail of the hot muscle-car era!

If you’re ready to win one of the most historic muscle machines of the swinging 1960s, then get your entries now. Children’s and veterans’ charities are counting on you.

1 of 129 W30 Sport Coupes Produced, Plus the W30 Option Explained

Oldsmobile produced 520 442 W30s in 1967, and, of those, 129 were sport coupes, which were favored by drag racers for their stiffer bodies and lighter weight.

Checking the W30 option off when ordering a 1967 Oldsmobile 442 upgraded the already potent muscle car with the ultimate performance package. Although on paper the 350-hp rating didn’t change from a standard 442, those who owned them back in the day will attest to the performance benefits of the factory W30 option.

That factory performance package is easily identified by its Force-Air air cleaner with tubes running to tapered scoops in the front grille. To accommodate the air-tube routing, the battery was mounted in the trunk.

For 1967, the W30 package added red inner fenders to the sporty looking 442. These fenders were factory installed on W-30 cars only, and were a good way to distinguish a W30 at a stoplight.

What you can’t see, but can definitely hear is the hotter camshaft and special valve springs that gave the W30 a street advantage over other 442s. A unique, hot-rodded Turbo 400 featured firmer full-throttle upshifts at higher engine speeds than standard TH400s.

The W30 featured a heavy-duty third member, and for drag racers, either a 3.90:1, and 4.33:1 rear gear. An Anti-Spin limited-slip differential was mandatory on W30 442s.

If you’ve ever wanted to win an Oldsmobile W-machine, there’s no finer one than this 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W30! Don’t let somebody else score the lucky winning ticket. Enter now!

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