Video: 625-Horsepower 1970 Widebody Mustang Hides LS3 Powerhouse

The SEMA Show in Las Vegas provides a stage for some of the auto industries wildest creations. From innovative products that will soon hit the market, to the unveiling of one of a kind custom muscle cars, there is something for everyone at the annual show. While it is fairly typically dominated by professionals, every once in a while a home grown builder will show up. In 2019, amateur builder and Trans Am racing enthusiast Chris Ashton showed up in a big way — with a 625 horsepower, wide body 1970 Mustang.

Although the wide body appears to be professionally done, Chris put in around 40 hours of work making the fender flares himself. An effort to fit more rubber under the car that paid off in a big way visually as well as functionally as the car is running 315’s in the front and 345’s in the rear.

Other modifications to the body include making the stock scoops on the grill of the car functional, “pie-slicing” the front end for better aerodynamics, and cutting and flattening the firewall to make way for the massive LS3 powerhouse.

If the thought of putting a Chevy engine in a classic Ford makes you cringe, you are not alone. However, Chris’ reasoning behind dropping the Ford power plant for the modern Chevy is hard to argue with.

The newer Ford engines are just too wide and the shock towers would have had to have been cut out and that is a modification that he did not want to do. The engine is backed by a T-56 Super Magnum transmission and a 4:11 rear end. Despite the monstrous power, aggressive gear ratio, full race car inspired roll cage, and stripped down interior, Chris says it makes for a perfect daily driver that he has no problem hoping on the interstate with for his commute.

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