Dream Giveaway Kicks Off the 1970 Nova 427 Rest-Mod Sweepstakes for 2023

Learn more About this Big-Block 1970 Nova Restomod

“We think the best Novas are the two-doors made between 1968 and 1971. That generation of Nova was arguably the best-looking compact on the market.” —Motor Trend

Enter to Win a Fully Restored Big-Block 1970 Chevy Nova

Enter to win the all-new Nova Dream Giveaway and you’ll be in the running for a fully restored big-block 1970 Chevy Nova with some cool speed part upgrades. If you’re the winner, we’ll hand you the keys and the title to this restomod Nova and we’ll pay out $6,000 for the taxes.

Hi-performance big-block V-8. GM Performance heads. Four-speed. Positraction. Dual exhaust. Electronic cutouts. Did we get your attention?

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Make Your Chevrolet Muscle Car Dreams Come True

By the late 1960s, muscle cars were the way of the world. For those who loved the look of the Chevelle, but didn’t have the cha-ching to write a check for one, the Chevy Nova offered similar styling and great bragging rights. Over the years, the 1970 Chevy Nova has never lost its popularity and hot rodding one (today they call it a restomod) with a big-block engine and speed parts has never gone out of style.

This is Your Kind of Classic Dream Machine


This Astro Blue 1970 Chevy Nova follows in that great hot-rodding tradition. Originally born a four-speed car (as best as we can tell), it now features a pure-Chevrolet big-block displacing the legendary 427 cubic inches and topped with genuine GM Performance heads. The Muncie 4-speed sends all that power to a bullet-proof 12-bolt rear end.

Did Somebody Say, “Bring on the Speed Parts?”

Suspension is upgraded front and rear and a Caltracs system is one of the best traction systems that money can buy.

Wheels look the old-school part but are upgraded, too. They are 14-inch in front and 15-inch in the rear. They are wrapped in modern redline radials for a comfortable ride.

The coolest mod we discovered on this restomod might just be the electronic exhaust cutouts. Go from an aggressive muscle car sound to full race car muffler bypass with the flick of a switch.

If you want to put this super-fun big-block 1970 Chevy Nova dream machine in your garage, then enter now.

Big-Block. Four-Speed. Positraction. What are You Waiting for?

Your opportunity to enter and win this 1970 Chevy Nova muscle-car is now, but don’t wait to enter. We wouldn’t want you to miss your chance to buckle up in this time machine and drive it home. Plus, we’ll pay $6,000 for the taxes. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, come see this restomod 1970 Chevy Nova in person. We’ll even fire it up for you.

Veterans and kids are counting on you. Enter now.

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