Throttle Pumpin’: Welcome to Timeless Muscle


Welcome to Timeless Muscle – the latest digital magazine available to you; exclusively on your smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop. It’s a dedicated publication aimed squarely and solely at the owners and enthusiasts of classic musclecars, from 1960 to the very early 1980s! Whether you’re into GM, Ford, Chrysler or even AMC, Timeless Muscle will have what you’re looking for!

So why Timeless Muscle, and why did we start it? Simple, we saw the need to delve further into our automotive obsession and showcase not only mine, but my colleague’s true passion for American classic musclecars. Let’s face it, even those musclecar lovers who grew up after the first Musclecar Era, are just as infatuated and passionate about them as those who owned and cherished these cars when they were new.

Enthusiasts such as myself (who was born in 1980, no less) were raised by parents who owned these cars while we were growing up. I remember as far back as grade school, taking copies of my Dad’s musclecar magazines to school and reading them while riding on the bus, sitting in study hall and probably in class while I should have been learning about algebra and the Spanish Inquisition.

I specifically remember lusting over LS-6 Chevelles, Hemi-powered Superbirds, Chargers and ‘Cudas, W30-equipped 442s, the early Trans Ams, and naturally, BOSS 302 Mustangs, Z/28 Camaros and the AMX. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve always had a thing for Saturn Yellow Buick GSXs, too. The GTO? That’s a given.

Unfortunately for many, all of those are all now considered to be premier musclecars – typically reserved for those with thick wallets and huge bank accounts. Does that mean they’re out of reach for the everyday enthusiast? Not necessarily. Many of today’s “high-end” musclecar owners are those who have inherited the car from their parents or grandparents, or simply purchased the car before the second musclecar price boom of the mid-2000s.

It seems like there are still plenty of barn finds to be unearthed as well; cars that are owned by elderly fathers whose sons never returned home from Vietnam, the ’70s high-school hot-rodder who never parted with his first car (but hasn’t touched it since) or the neglectful owner who bought the car when it was still very obtainable and has since let it rot – but with the right buyer, can still be purchased and rescued.

Of course, there are thousands upon thousands of entry-level Malibus, Satellites, Novas, Barracudas, Mustangs, Camaros, Tempests, Skylarks and other bare-bones sport coupes that were considered largely undesirable for decades, that are now being rediscovered as affordable street machines and pro-touring cars. We’ll be covering those types of vehicles as well.


At this point you may be asking yourself, “if you’re not going to cover anything passed 1980 or so, what kind of new content will we be reading about?” Great question! You can expect to see members of the Timeless Muscle staff covering drag events such as the Factory Stock Appearing Tire (FAST) drag racing series, autocross and road racing challenges, and writing stories on newly-released restoration and performance products from the aftermarket, and naturally, full-on Timeless Muscle-exclusive project vehicles.

In our project stable, we currently have a trio of first-gen F-bodies, a pair of Chevelles, a ’70 Corvette, a ’72 442 W-30 convertible and of course, plenty of upcoming Ford and Mopar projects to keep us busy! You may even see a Colonnade El Camino and a second-generation Trans Am in the next few months, too! We’re going to bring you tons of video content; including event coverage, tech installs and feature car highlights. This is your favorite musclecar magazine, turned up to 11!

Enjoy the ride.

-Rick Seitz

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