Giveaway Wants to Make Your 1965 Pontiac GTO Dreams Come True!

One big reason we are honored to work with the team at Dream Giveaway is that they give people the chance to own their dream cars, at such little cost that calling it a ‘fraction’ is really exaggerating things. They put up ultra-rare cars with a chance for anyone to win, all it takes is a few bucks to get your ticket, and you’re closer to your dream car than ever before. Seriously, these tickets start at $3, so it’s cheaper than buying most scratcher lotto tickets at the gas station! And the beauty of it is, the more you buy, the better the value.

Over the years, we have drooled over some of the finest muscle cars in the country, and the latest car on the roster is the coolest of the cool. The 1965 Pontiac GTO is one of the most recognizable and desired muscle cars on the planet. It was originally ordered from GM for corporate use, and is one of the rarest of its kind. This particular example has everything you’d want from the Pontiac muscle car, and it’s going to be someone’s who buys tickets into this raffle, why not you?

This 1965 Pontiac GTO comes thanks to the promotional partner of Dream Giveaway, Ames Performance. Ames has fully restored this GTO to a national level in the points-judged concours competition. It has been inspected by the GTO Association of America, and certified concours by judge Randy Prybyl, who noted it was one of the finest examples of a 1965 Pontiac GTO in the country. The outstanding restoration features a true-to-factory red with parchment interior, 4-speed transmission, and Tai-Power 389 cubic inch engine.

If you really want to lock this car down, you’ll take advantage of our special code when you go to buy your raffle tickets. This code, exclusive to our readers, will add more tickets for the value. Follow the entry form here and make sure to enter code TQ2018E for your bonus tickets!

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