VIDEO: In the Shop with Emily Does 1964 Impala SS LS Swap

In the Shop with Emily is a cool little YouTube series that showcases automotive builds and projects. Typically highlighting her late-model Pontiac GTO that features plenty of goodies from COMP Cams, FAST, and other companies, the series expands a little bit to showcase Emily and her friends’ other skills.

To kick off the second season of the series, the show’s host, Emily Williams, jumps right in with a 1964 Impala SS that’s getting a Gen III LS swap. The first three episodes of the second season cover the project.

Part One

In episode one, we’re introduced to the project, and car owned by Ann and Simon Lopez. The couple decided it was time for the car to get an overhaul for the vehicle they planned on driving daily. It was transported from where it was sitting to the shop for the transformation. A GM LS swap from a 5.3L equipped truck and 4L60E seemed like the obvious choice for their Impala SS.

Part Two

In the second part of the coverage, things start to get underway. It was time to pull the old engine and transmission out of the 1964 Impala SS. The ladies tackling this project got the old transmission out from the bottom while the Impala was lifted in the air, and then pulled the engine from the top of the engine bay successfully with an engine hoist.

With the old powertain out of the way, the team is ready to get to work on the next phase of the swap. The new engine and transmission will need to be put in place to see what modifications are needed to make it fit.

Part Three

For part three, the team takes a visit to ProTouring Texas and we learn that plans have changed for the engine. Ann, one of the Impala’s owners, decided she wanted the car to get a blower, something the team didn’t want to use the 5.3L to accomplish this — so in steps an iron block 6.0L for the job. They also decided to go with a 4L80E instead of the weaker 4L60E trans.

When they arrive at the shop, the crew had placed the engine, but still had quite a bit of work ahead of them to bolt it in. With everything marked off, it was time to pull the engine and transmission back out so they could modify the car to make it fit.

The crossmember was modified for the new engine and stock F-Body oil pan. This was necessary to fit a blower under the Impala SS stock hood. They also smoothed out the firewall, and the next step is going to be getting everything in and lined up correctly.

We’ll be following this project carefully and updating with any progress, stay tuned!


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