One Of One 1969 Baldwin Motion LS7 Camaro SS Gets To Stretch Its Legs

If you were a Dream Car Garage fan then you likely know all about this car already but just in case you missed it, Dream Car Garage was a show that aired on Men TV, Speed Channel, and Sun TV between 2002 and 2012. One of the episodes from one of the 11 series produced featured an incredibly rare Camaro that host Peter Klutt and co-host Tom Hnatiw were not entirely convinced really existed. As the story goes, Klutt was at the racetrack when he met a guy that claimed to have an LS7 powered 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro. Wanting to do a ground up restoration on the car, the owner brought it to Dream Car Garage for a high profile restoration.

Upon inspection, the crew found out that the car was 100-percent legitimate and was in fact ordered from Baldwin-Motion with an LS7 454-cubic inch big block engine. Among the other upgrades, the car is equipped with a beefier rear end and a high performance clutch and scatter shield, as well as traction bars. Baldwin-Motion essentially set the car up for bracket racing although at the time of filming the car was in no such condition. This led the owner to sign the car over to the Dream Car Garage crew to perform an in depth restoration returning the car to its former glory. 

Today, almost 20 years later, this 1969 Baldwin Motion LS7 Camaro sits in a perfectly restored condition. It has been well kept by the guys at Legendary Motorcar and Gary Klutt, Peter Klutt’s son, took the car out for a spin in an episode posted on Legendary Motorcar’s YouTube channel. Not to ruin the ending for anyone but this one of one Camaro still looks just as good, if not better than the day it rolled off the lot. 

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