VIDEO: Street Outlaws Uncovers Outrageous ‘Farmbird’

Photos From AZN Street Outlaws Instagram Page

On the latest episode of Street Outlaws, we got a look at an absurd creation from Farmtruck and AZN — they will use it to race former Fast N’ Loud builder Aaron Kaufman in an upcoming Mega Race. Now dubbed the Farmbird, this build is pretty outrageous.

The Street Outlaws pages have been teasing fans for weeks about what the new Farmtruck and AZN vehicle will look like for the Mega Race between Aaron Kaufman and themselves. This head-to-head build off between Midwest Street Cars and Gas Monkey Garage is a major storyline of the season, and the Farmbird is an exciting part of it.

Building a car ready for this race involved more than just making sure it would go fast in a straight line. The car needed to carve corners and have some serious stopping power too. Build stipulations made it so the Farmbird had to be built with a solid suspension and good brakes, on top of having a very capable engine. They had to do this with an agreed upon budget of $15,000.

As they slowly uncover the Farmbird, the surprises keep coming — it’s quite a bit to take in at first bite. Painted in Farmtruck orange and finished off with a camper shell, the Farmbird is powered by a 455ci Pontiac engine that makes about 500 horsepower.

To add to the madness is a two-stage Nitrous Express system. To get the power to the ground are US Wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson tires. Wilwood disc brakes provide the stopping power, and a Jeff Lutz custom roll cage keeps the driver safe.


It seemed like the duo had chosen a lambo-door equipped Chevy Malibu for the project car, but they opted for a more capable platform instead. The Farmbird is pretty appropriate as it relates to the famous farmtruck. It is built on a 2nd-gen 1976 Pontiac Trans Am platform, with special Farmtruck touches throughout.

Aaron Kaufman is going to have his hands full with the Farmbird, but he’s said to be building something pretty wild himself for the showdown. We’ll find out soon enough what Kaufman is cooking up in his garage, but its doubtful that it’ll be as ‘interesting’ as the Farmbird!

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