VIDEO: Installing the Holley Sniper EFI System

The Holley Sniper EFI system is an economically priced system that allows you to have the benefits of EFI, without cleaning you out so you can actually finish out your other projects. It’s ideal for street rods, muscle cars, and pretty much any carbureted vehicle.

If you’re tired of cold start issues, hesitations from the fuel system, vapor lock, and flooding, the Sniper EFI is a good place to look. To demonstrate how easy this system is to install, Jeremy Stoermer of Holley pulls a first-gen Camaro into the shop and shows you how it’s done!

The kit comes with a start guide/instructions, the Sniper throttle body with ECU, 3-1/2” touch screen LCD, wide-band O2 sensors, the main power harness, aux wiring harness, coil driver, throttle and transmission brackets, coolant temp sensor, no-weld O2 bung, wire terminals, zip ties gaskets, and hardware.

Whenever you work on the fuel system, you need to disconnect the battery to get started. Then, you’ll remove the carburetor, and disconnect the vacuum lines, throttle linkage, throttle return spring, fuel line, etc. After this, remove the carburetor studs and carb, place the throttle body gasket in place, and the new throttle body is ready to go on.

The detailed instructions will walk you through the next steps. Jeremy emphasizes that the most common issues people have come from not reading the instructions, especially when it comes to the wiring portion.

Use of the setup wizard gets the car ready to run with the new EFI system. When it’s all said and done, the system installs very easily, and all the wiring/lines look clean installed.

This video could serve as a step by step as you’re doing the actual installation, but it’s also a great demonstration of how simple and quick installation can be. You can also pickup some useful tips during this real life demonstration of the instructions.

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