VIDEO: Watch As A 1-of-2 Chevelle COPO Barn Find Is Discovered

In 2015, a guy named Patrick Glen Nichols got the attention of the Chevelle community with a rare find, documentation, and purchase of a Chevelle sitting in a Californian storage lot. Since then he has brought us many amazingly rare barn finds by documenting and sharing videos of them on his YouTube channel. From rescuing a 1970 Chevelle SS from a collapsed barn in Ohio to documenting the discovery of a 1970 LS6 SS454 Chevelle that still ran after being parked for 35 years, the incredible barn finds seem to keep on coming.

Nichols’ latest find is probably one of the rarest Chevelle’s he has ever found. It is one of only two that has surfaced and it is hard to believe it is in the condition it is after over 30 years of sitting. The 1969 COPO 9566 AA 427 Chevelle in Tuxedo Black was discovered in a building in Green Bottom, West Virginia where its only owner parked it in 1988.

For those that know what that means, take a minute to pick your jaw off the floor. For those that don’t, that is a specially ordered Chevelle in one of the rarest colors, powered by one of the most highly sought after engines, backed by a four speed manual transmission, with posi-traction and J52 disc brakes.

While this seemingly base model COPO has very few of the other options available to the Chevelle’s in 1969, it does seem to have remained in its original form and only has 38,547 miles on the clock. The 427 has the correct stamping with matching carburetor and cooling fan that are both date stamped for early 1969, and there is no sign at first glance that the engine has had any major work or modifications done to it. Even the original YA coded wheels were bolted on with the factory lug nuts. Although it is hard to see in the video the original Malibu interior seems to be in excellent condition as well.

Only 323 COPO Chevelle’s were ever assembled in 1969 and this one came out of the Baltimore Maryland plant. It was purchased by its original owner at Landers Chevrolet in Hurricane, West Virginia, only a short drive from where it was found covered in a thick layer of dust. While it is always a treat to see someone find a survivor like this, we can only hope the new owner recommissions the car and leaves it as is.

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