VIDEO: ’69 Camaro 427 LSX Twin Turbo

First-generation Camaros have been done so many times, in so many different ways, that it’s pretty difficult to find one today that doesn’t have the “me too” theme with it. Whether it’s a stock restoration, pro-touring car or a steeet/strip warrior, there isn’t much left that can be done to a ’69 Camaro in regards to originality or creating something different.

However, there are ways to set yours apart from the me-too show-and-shine guys who like to sit in a plastic chair and stare at their rear bumper at the local cruise-in; and that’s this particular example. Sprayed in a flat black hue and packing a twin-turbocharged LSX 427, this Camaro is certainly one of the coolest homegrown execution we’ve seen in a while.

Recently spotted at Cecil Country Dragway and built for the upcoming 2017 Hot Rod Drag Week, she’s also equipped with stock truck manifolds, an LS3 intake, hydraulic roller cam, and a Chinese-built off brand intercooler. The owner also shared that it still relied on leaf springs in the rear, a Powerglide transmission, 3.25 gears and CalTracs suspension pieces.

With plenty of power, tuning and tweaking left in the car, it still managed a best of 7.46 at 183. 57 in the quarter-mile.

We thank our friends over at BigKleib34 for providing us with this killer video!

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