VIDEO: Ratty Second-Gen Camaro Packs LS Power and Four Turbos

There’s nothing cooler than a ratty muscle car; no matter what it is, or where it is from. Over time, we have seen less focus on show and shine, and more on substance and performance. The faster that you can go for the least amount of money, ion whatever piece of junk you’ve managed to find yourself owning, is the new cool. Whenever we see an abandonded project car or a derelict in a field somewhere, we almost always dream of pulling it away from its owner, build it to our liking but leave the patina be.

As it turns out, a young gear head from Texas had the same foresight as he built his late second-gen Camaro, using all junkyard parts and a very unusual form of motivation. Under the hood, or lack thereof, is a 6-liter truck-based iron LS block with no modification to the long block whatsoever, save for a set of valvesprings. A stock intake manifold lives there as well, but what makes it entirely unusual is a quadruplet of turbochargers — also sourced from the local junkyards to provide boost and some alarming glances from passing onlookers.

Yup, there are four turbos attached to that engine, but the performance isn’t what you might expect it to be. Instead of the larger, high-end snails you might find underneath much for, shall we say developed cars, this throwback Camaro is relying on four BorgWarner Ko3s — they’re essentially the same snails found under the hood of Ecoboost Focuses and other smaller late-model Ford vehicles.

The boosted truck mill is backed by a modified 4L80e, modified by the owner himself and a Dana 60 rearend. On pump gas, the combination was good for low 12s, but with some tweaking and some race gas, he has knocked his best time down to a 11.3 up to the point of the 1320 Video interview. Bay the end of the night, he hit 11.0 during an 11.0 index class against a Fox Mustang. Once he starts sorting out some gremlins and puts some actual cash into the thing, we thing he can see some much better numbers.


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