VIDEO: A Reverend and His ’64 El Camino

Our good friends at Gearhead Flicks had the opportunity to follow a very special build by the very talented shop of Mo’ Muscle Cars out of Conroe, TX. They were tasked to take a 1964 Chevrolet El Camino and bring new life to it. But this car was not to be your average build for just any customer, this car was going to be built for a beloved Reverend. (Is it just your author or does the good Reverend look like James Hetfield, lead singer of Metallica? You have to admit, the beard is awesome.)

Reverend David Garrison, who is fondly known to his congregation as Rev-Run not only leads his flock but owns an extremely clean 1964 Chevrolet El Camino. This particular El Camino had been in his family since new. He grew up admiring and loving this car.

When the time came when he was able to make this beautiful example of an El Camino his, he and his son started the process of restoring the car. As time went on, members of the congregation felt compelled, and even reportedly lead by God, to take the Reverend’s beloved muscle car and give it a restoration that it deserved. REVRUN

The highly skilled craftsmen at Mo’ Muscle Cars went through and completely updated and refined the classic Chevy. Bringing it forward from ’60s technology to the present, they went through the suspension, brakes, drivetrain, interior and paint to give it a look as unique as its owner.

In a follow-up video (featured below), the Reverend goes back to the shop to once again to thank the amazing crew at Mo’ Muscle Cars, and to let them know how grateful he is for their work. The El Camino not only looks new, but now runs better than ever.

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